Scientific Publications (by author)


Dr Todd Booth (Surgeon and Director)


Original Publications:


1. Yovich J.V., Sawdon H., Booth T.M. and Robertson I.D. The correlation of ultrasonic findings with long-term outcome in racehorses with superficial digital flexor tendon injury. Australian Equine Veterinarian Vol. 13 (4) 89-92. 1995.


2. Sawdon H., Yovich J.V. and Booth T.M. Superficial digital flexor tendonitis in racehorses.  Long term follow up of 174 conservatively managed cases Australian Equine Veterinarian Vol. 14 (1) 21-25. 1996.


3. Booth T.M. Lameness associated with the bicipital bursa in an Arab stallion. Veterinary Record 145 (7) 194-198. 1999.


4. Booth T.M. and Knottenbelt D.C. Distal limb casts in equine wound management. Equine Veterinary Education 11 5 273-280. 1999.


5. Booth T.M. Clinical Quiz - Supraglenoid tubercle fracture. Equine Veterinary Education 11 5 226, 260-261. 1999.


6. Booth T.M., Clegg P.D., Singer E.R. and Cheeseman M.T. Resection of the common digital extensor tendon in a gelding. Veterinary Record 146 (13) 373-376. 2000.


7. Booth T.M., Proudman C.J. and Edwards G.B. Entrapment of the small colon through a mesocolic rent in a mare. Australian Veterinary Journal 78 (9) 603-604. 2000.


8. Booth T.M., Howes D.A. and Edwards G.B. Bethanechol responsive bladder atony in a colt foal after cystorrhaphy for cystorhexis. Veterinary Record 147 (11) 306-308. 2000.


9. Booth T.M. and Clegg P.D. Clinical findings associated with a chronic ischium fracture in a gelding. Australian Veterinary Journal 78 (10) 681-682. 2000.


10. Booth T.M. and Wattret A. Stifle abscess in a pony associated with Mycobacterium smegmatis. Veterinary Record 147 (16) 452-453. 2000.


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12. Clegg P.D. and Booth T.M Drugs used to treat osteoarthritis in the horse. In Practice 22 (10) 594-603. 2000.


13. Booth T.M., Butson R.J., Clegg P.D., Schramme M.C. and Smith R.J.  The treatment of small tarsal joint infection in the horse using gentamicin-impregnated polymethyl methacrylate beads - A retrospective review of 11 cases. Veterinary Record 148 (12) 376-380. 2001.


14. Booth T.M. Trauma induced osseous cyst-like-lesion in the calcaneus of a gelding. Australian Veterinary Journal. In Press. 2002.


15. Booth T.M., Dart A.J. and Watkins J.P.  Equine Limb Casts 1-Classification and indications. Compendium Continuing Education Practicing Veterinarian. 25 (9) 2003. Pp 701-707.


16. Booth T.M., Dart A.J. and Watkins J.P.  Equine Limb Casts 2-Materials and Methods. Compendium Continuing Education Practicing Veterinarian. 25 (9) 2003. Pp 708-714.


17. Macrae A.I., Barnes D.F., Hunter H.A.A, Sargison N.D., Scott P.R., Blissitt K.J.,

Booth T.M., Pirie R.S. Diagnosis and treatment of retropharyngeal injuries associated with the administration of intra-ruminal boluses to lambs. Veterinary Record 153 (16) 2003. Pp 489-492.


18. Booth T.M., Proximal Suspensory ligament desmitis with suspensory ligament avulsion fracture. Equine Veterinary Education. 15, (3) 2003. Pp 132-133.


19.  Booth T.M., Abbot J., Clements A. Singer E.R. and Clegg P.D.  Complete resection of  the common digital extensor tendon in 7 horses. Veterinary Surgery. 33 (2) 2004. Pp 107-111.


20. Booth T.M. and Weaver M.W. Radiography of the Equine Fetlock. In Practice. 27, 2005 Pp 522-527.


21. Taylor S.E., Macrae A.I., Squires M.B. and Booth T.M.  Plantar Ligament Rupture in a Goat. Veterinary Record 155, 2004. Pp 335-336.


22. M.A. Smith, T.M. Booth, T.R. Greet, D.W. Richardson, M.W. Ross, M.C. Schramme, E.R. Singer, R.K. Smith, J.P. Walmsley, G.L. Pinchbeck, P. D. Clegg.  The effect of age at presentation on the outcome following arthroscopic debridement of  subchondral cystic lesions of the medial femoral condyle: 85 horses (1993-2003). Equine Veterinary Journal 37, 2, 2005, Pp175-180.


Winner of the 2005 British Equine Veterinary Association Prize for best clinical evidence paper.


23. Radiographic Anatomy of the Soft Tissue Attachments associated with the Equine   Stifle. Maulet B.M., Mayhew I.G., Jones E. and Booth T.M.  Equine Veterinary Journal. 37, (6), 2005, Pp530-535.


24. Repair of a Salter Harris type II fracture of the calcaneus of a foal.  Boado A, Clutton E and Booth TM. Veterinary Record 161, 2007, Pp 350-352.


25. Oesophageal obstruction in an aged pony associated with squamous cell carcinoma. Booth TM, Marmion WJ, Cullimore AM and Finnie JW.  Equine Veterinary Education 20, (12), 2008, Pp 627-631.


26. Severe lameness associated with impact fracture of the proximal phalanx in a mare. Cullimore AM, Finnie JW, Marmion WJ and Booth TM. Equine Veterinary Education 21, (5) 2009, Pp 247-251.


Refereed CPD Publications:


1. Booth T.M. and Fraser B. L., Equine Arthroscopy - a series of 6 papers. UK Vet.  (2004-2005).


2. Booth T.M. Equine foot conditions - a series of 6 papers (five completed and one in press). UK Vet.  (2007-2009).


Dr Andrew Hunt (Director) 


Original Publications:


1. Factors associated with prognosis for survival and athletic use in foals with septic arthritis: 93 cases (1987-1994).  Steel CM, Hunt AR, Adams PL, Robertson ID, Chicken C, Yovich JV, Stick JA.  J Am Vet Med Assoc. 1999 Oct ;215(7):973-7.




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