Sports Medicine


At Morphettville Equine Clinic, we regularly examine horses for poor performance, lameness, respiratory noise and undiagnosed performance-limiting complaints in horses of all breeds and occupations.


The most common cause of poor performance is lameness or pain related to the musculoskeletal system. Other causes of poor performance include respiratory disease and rarely cardiovascular or neurologic disease. 


Poor performance 'work-ups' involve close examination of the above systems and further diagnostics depending on the findings.  Please see the lameness and internal medicine sections on this website for further information.



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Morphettville Equine Clinic offers a full range of specialist equine surgery services from the simple to complex.


Morphettville Equine Clinic regualrly manages complex equine medical cases in our well equipped hospital.


Morphettville Equine Clinic offers full hospitalisation services for all horses that require hospital care.

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